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How to Manage your Email Quarantine Box


How-To: Manage Your Quarantined Emails

Your Coates IT hosted email account uses a quarantine system to protect your inbox from potentially harmful emails. This is an extra screening system in addition to the junk email filter.

You may have seen an email in your inbox with the subject “Quarantine Notification.” By default, the system will send you a notification only if there are one or more messages that have been quarantined, so you may not have seen one of these messages yet. Here is what one might look like:

The list of emails indicates which ones have been quarantined and thus not sent to your inbox. If you recognize any of these emails or their senders as something you should have received, click on the link to go to the quarantine login page. The link leads to

You will be prompted to enter your email address and password. You must the new email address you were given that consists of your first initial and last name, and the password that you received with it. After login, you will see your quarantine box.


If one of these emails has been incorrectly quarantined, simply click in the checkbox next to it to select the message. When you have selected the desired message(s), click “Not Spam” and the message(s) will be delivered to your inbox.


You should not encounter a need to interact with the quarantine system unless there is a message that has been incorrectly sent there. Any emails which have been quarantined and are not labeled as "Not Spam" will be automatically deleted after 7 days.



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