Coates IT & Network Solutions

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Coates IT & Network Solutions is a leading provider of IT Service and Support for small to mid-sized companies in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida. Since 1996, Coates IT & Network Solutions has gained the reputation for exceeding our clients' service expectations. We partner with leading software and hardware vendors to provide our clients with time tested solutions. With over 100 years of combined technology experience including project management, server management, desktop management, managed IT services, project implementation, and LAN/WAN service, you can rest assured that your technology goals will be realized with Coates IT & Network Solutions.



Coates IT & Network Solutions provides support, management and strategic guidance in three areas: PC Management, Server Management, and Network Management. Coates IT & Network Solutions will design a technology support plan to meet your specific needs.


Technology is a vital aspect of just about every business; it is critical to both the day-to-day operations and the strategic growth of your business. Having a complete IT department with a CTO, Network Manager, Help Desk, and Purchasing Manager is out of reach for most organizations. Coates IT & Network Solutions delivers all of these benefits and more for an affordable monthly fee.


Did you know that most companies have very different technology needs and that a law firm has different needs than a financially focused company? Did you know engineering and architectural offices have similar needs? Coates IT & Network Solutions does because we have provided IT consulting and networking services to a wide range of businesses since 1996.

Your business can easily benefit from the vast experience our IT professionals offer. Whether you’re a small business or a large law firm you can benefit from the Coates IT & Network Solutions advantage.


Your business can’t afford to wait for a disaster to happen and then react to it. You need to know that everything possible is being done to make sure you don’t go down in the first place. Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure. Coates IT & Network Solutions Managed IT Services provide you the unlimited proactive support that not only keeps your network running effectively and efficiently, but it helps you reach your business goals.

While you focus on your core business, Coates IT & Network Solutions provides you with an enterprise-level IT department for less than it would cost you to manage your IT in house. Our “Virtual IT Department” gives small- to mid-sized businesses access to a comprehensive suite of tools and processes to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure. Coates IT & Network Solutions will design and effectively manage your day-to-day IT needs while we provide strategic guidance to make sure you get the most from your IT investments.


The proper infrastructure and ongoing maintenance are vital to ensuring your technology helps to grow your business. Once the foundation of your technology is in place, the focus shifts to increasing employee productivity and efficiency. Coates IT & Network Solutions will work with you to review your business goals and ensure the right technology is in place to allow your business to succeed.

So while you work on growing your business, let us work on keeping your technology running seamlessly. You don’t have time to be focused on IT issues – that’s our job.

Think About This...

Disasters can come in many forms and they can happen when you least expect it. Only 6% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss survive while 43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years of the disaster. 93% of the companies that did not have their data backed up in the event of a disaster went out of business. [Best's Underwriting Guide]


How often do you backup your data?