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Smartphone: Kindle for Android/iPhone


Kindle for Android/iPhone

In the past couple of years there has been a lot of excitement and a lot of hype about portable digital book readers, like Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobles' Nook, and the Sony Reader. Many of us have been debating whether to get one for ourselves; some of us have received them as gifts; and others are comparing options to provide a gift for our friends and family.


Did you know that if you have an iPhone or Android cell phone, your smartphone can also double as a digital reader? One of the apps making this possible the the Kindle app from Amazon, available both for Android and iPhone. Both apps function as though you had a real Kindle in your hand. You can read thousands of books, magazines, and newpapers and carry them with you. You can shop for new reading material through your phone and with a special technology called Whispersync, you can synchronize the settings on your phone with settings on a Kindle, if you have one.

For more information, look into the iPhone app here and the Android app here.


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